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Kinetico Water Softeners & Drinking Water Systems

King Controls offers and installs a full line of Kinetico water softeners. The perfect match of quality product and professional service.


King Controls installs a full line of

So you can be confident that we have a solution that fits with your home, business and budget.


Drinking water systems and purifiers

Trusted and designed to deliver  high-quality water

King Controls distributes and installs Kinetico water treatment systems because they are designed to delivery worry-free operation for years with little to no maintenance. The high-quality water Kinetico systems produce helps extend the life of your pipes, appliances, fixtures, clothing and more, all backed by industry-leading warranties.

How Water Softeners Work

Ever wonder how that water softener in your basement or garage actually works? Let Stuart Park, Senior Engineer at Kinetico, and Mr. Resin, explain it. To learn more about water treatment, call King Controls today.

No other system is capable of removing more contaminates.

Complete Your Whole Home System

A Kinetico whole home water treatment system combines a Kinetico water softener or conditioner, which treats the "working water" you use for things like cleaning and laundry, with a Kinetico drinking water system, which treats the water you drink and cook with. It's an effective, reliable solution that ensures great water for your home, everywhere and anytime.

King Controls services the water softer, water filtration, and drinking water needs of residents in the Whitecourt area. Call us today!